30 Day Photo Challenge

Dusting off the glass with another 30 day photo challenge

Digging for Secrets

Exploring the Banks-Vernonia State Trail in the Willamette Valley

Shake the Bones

A month in the mountains of Northern Arizona

30 Day Photo Challenge

Kickstarting creativity with a 30 day photo challenge

Once More Unto the Breach

An old friend and I make another attempt at the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

Texture Like Sun

Two weeks exploring Barcelona, Spain.

The Space Between

Falling in love with the desert. All over again.

Man Riding Backwards

Of all strategies, knowing when to quit might be best.

We Call Ourselves Holy

The true value of a Great Journey has little to do with the journey itself.

10,000 Kings

What is adventure? How do you know you’re having one and, more importantly, how do you know when it’s over?