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What do you even put on an “About” page? Is this supposed to be about this site? About me? An explanation? A disclaimer? Should it be written in the third person or the first? Am I supposed to be someone else, writing about me? That doesn’t feel right.

Hi. I’m right here. Typing what you are reading.

Remember what the Internet used to be like? Before advertisting? Before producing content was about “likes”, comments, or subscriptions? Before the endless popups and privacy issues?

I do.

Back then a significant portion of web sites were about personal expression and connection with like minded individuals. They were more like private diaries that were open to the world. They were about creativity and sharing and, in my opinion, a whole lot more human.

This site is my attempt to bring back some small piece of that Internet. It exists simply as a place to share my passions, directly with you, in the hope that you’ll find a kindred spirit in me or become inspired by something new and interesting. Put simply, this is where I share myself with the world. My goal is to do that with as much authenticity and honesty as I can bring to the table.

If you do want to reach out for some reason (and I’d love it if you did) you can email me at “justin [dot] lott [at] gmail [dot] com”. I look forward to hearing from you.